To be added to the waiting list, please email headquarters with the following:
  1. Size of home including amount of bedrooms/bathrooms/extra areas such as conservatories etc
  2. Preferred days/times (The more flexible the more likely to gain a spot)
  3. Weekly or fortnightly cleaning?
  4. Address and contact number, and do you have parking?
  5. Do you need an initial weekend deep clean or just a standard clean (initial standard cleans will usually take longer in order to achieve the correct standards for regular cleaning.)

With the waiting list it is impossible to give a time frame as we have to wait for current clients to leave and then replace them with the best fitting clients from the waiting list. The size of the home, location and amount of time on the list all play a role in selection process.

For bookings and quotes, please contact your preferred branch or headquarters
Our standard weekday cleaning price is £20 per hour. However, with many companies in York charging between £18 - £30 per hour, we are still one of the most affordable and offer excellent results. Our VIP deep cleaning cleaning is charged at £25 per hour, and again, with most companies in York charging between £25 - £45 an hour for this service, we believe that we offer five-star results without the five-star price tag!

Please note that most 'one off' jobs are likely to be performed at weekends due to being full during the week with regular clients. We are full until 2024 for all types of cleaning.
          By becoming a VIP client you automatically agree to accept the terms and conditions.

vip Branch #1 

Ben and Gary Auker - Founders & CEO's

The VIP Cleaning Company is a family created cleaning company in York founded by identical twin brothers, Ben and Gary. They both achieved a '1st' BA degree in business and management and completed the highest training in domestic cleaning standards. The brothers have come from a guest relations management background within 4* and 5* hotels in York and now use their vast knowledge of creating the very best customer experience and satisfaction within their own high end cleaning company, while offering highly competitive rates which are more affordable than many of their competitors. They pride their company on providing a VIP service without the VIP price tag.

Fun fact about the twins: They both have the exact same dreams (being on stage juggling, back at school but don't know their lesson plan or being really good ice skaters) and frequently on the exact same night. SPOOKY! They can also wobble their eyes... twins are strange creatures.
vip Branch #2

Jade - Owner

Jade is the owner of VIP branch #2 in York. She has 11 years experience in property management, has completed the highest training in domestic cleaning standards and is trained in asbestos and legionella management. As well as the standard VIP cleaning services Jade will also be offering help around the home to lesson the burden, which will include, but is not limited to: grass cutting, jet washing, ironing service, baby sitting service, shopping, and complete home re-organisation and advice in maximising space and making your home work for you. Her belief is ‘a cluttered home, a cluttered mind’ and a tidy clean well organised home can have a dramatic positive impact on your mental health.

Fun fact about Jade: Her daughter is an INCREDIBLE artist (Ben and Gary's words) and the twins commissioned her to complete a pencil drawing of their grandparents. You literally couldn't tell which was the photo and which was the drawing... AMAZING!

vip Branch #3
Ellie - Owner

Ellie worked in high end hotels as housekeeping supervisor before joining the VIP team in 2020. Her excellent results and professionalism lead her to achieve her new title within the company as 'Owner' and we are thrilled to have her working with us as a new branch manager.

Fun fact about Ellie: She can solve a rubik cube in under 1 minute... so she says. Although, we are still waiting for this to be proved!